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    Pujiang Yalian Locks Co., Ltd.
    Create every lock with your heart!
    Padlock export for 20 years
    Professional, trustworthy
    The company's products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and Africa. The company's brand enjoys a high reputation in Southeast Asia and the Middle East market.
    Complete product range
    Packaging methods
    Specializing in the production of ten series of products, more than 80 varieties of high-end padlocks.
    Color box, body, card, double bubble and other packaging methods to meet the needs of wholesale, supermarket, retail market.
    The main products are "Asian Union" brand polished iron padlock, cast iron lock, polished copper lock, square blade lock, transverse iron padlock, beam lock, hammer lock, rectangular lock, circular cake lock, arc blade copper lock and other ten series products.
    Quality for survival
    Professional inspection
    Continuously improve the process, and absorb the advanced level of domestic and foreign counterparts, and strive to improve product quality and quality, from the aspects of organizational structure, surface treatment, assembly, etc., firmly grasp the unique functionality and safety of lock products, bring convenience to users Safe and secure high performance products.
    The company has a variety of advanced padlock manufacturing equipment and a number of stable automatic production lines, using superior metal raw materials, to ensure every link of production, maintaining a steady stream of production capacity.
    About us

    Zhejiang Pujiang Yalian Locks Co.,Ltd is a professional company manufacturing varies of high, middle or low standard locks。Our company was founded in 1994,located in pujiang city where is the Largest padlock manufacture centre. Company occupies an area of 7600 square meters, covered area 15000 square meters.Now we have more than 30 million fixed assets,and 100 employees.

    As a 20 years of history padlock factory, Our business was always founded on the idea of First Quality, Advanced Technology, Top Service.And our brand“YALIAN” has been in repute by many countries.

    Our main products is grey iron padlock, Brass painted padlock,Brass padlock, vane key Padlocks; Vertical Polished Brass Padlocks; Side-Open Padlock,Beam wrapped Padlocks; Hammer Type Padlocks; Disc Padlocks and rectangle padlock. and so on. Furthermore, the company is capable to produce locks according to customers' designs. 

    Copyright ? 2017 Pujiang Yalian Locks Co., Ltd. all rights reserved
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